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Jun 01,  · “Understanding the impact to business operations due to a data center failure allows companies to make data-driven decisions to help eliminate potential downtime and reduce overall risk to the organization,” Kittila says. While having hard-and-fast rules that apply to individual data center strategies would be convenient, it’s not Karen Riccio. Nov 01,  · Editor's note: This article was expanded and updated in November When building a data center disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan, remember that you are protecting a significant investment in information technology and communications. Modeling & planning return on investment! ROI is “the” determining factor of whether or not a data center venture will take place or not, hence effective modeling and planning of the business strategies is inevitably the stepping stone in building a commercial data center entity.

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Are you about starting a data center? Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a data center business. Even though data centers are data center business plan run by government agencies or large companies, several medium and small scale companies are also going into the business so as to provide a cloud solution service that can be used for private and business applications.

This business is however one that is capital intensive as any entrepreneur going into this would need to procure enough computers and also ensure that where the computers are housed has steady electricity, data center business plan, ventilation and is secure from theft, accidental and intentional manipulation, data center business plan. Also, asides from these factors, there must also always be periodic back-ups in order to ensure that the business remains operable.

To start this business, it is necessary to approach a reputable business consultant who not only understands the industry but also the business very well in order to determine if it would be worthwhile going into the business.

The business consultant also points out the obstacles and challenges the business is likely to face and how best to overcome them when it crops up, data center business plan. Another thing that is important to have before starting any business is a business plan. Writing a business plan might not be so easy, data center business plan, however it is for this reason that a sample business plan has been prepared below — a sample data center business plan. The data center industry is one is one that has seen several changes come upon it, as businesses operating in this industry have moved from cloud adoption to data sovereignty, which is due to the fact that client companies are getting business smart about their data as well as computer strategies.

This has led to operators in the United Data center business plan of America and even globally to experience growth in revenue as data center business plan as round the whole industry. The state that has the strongest presence in the data center industry is North Virginia, which is due to the fact that they have a low-post power as well as renewable hydropower. Around the globe, operators are eyeing government policies that might require that data centers be housed in the same country from which the data is data center business plan from which would data center business plan to locations playing a huge influence on the data center industry.

The data center industry has made a huge impact on the power sector in the United States of America as electricity savings have been improved in between the last seven years. This is contrary to the expectations that energy use would increase as more people demand for real-time data which has not been so has energy has remained stable since Also, according to projections, data center business plan, energy use will reduce as the industry grows which would come from improved cooling and powering strategies and data center micro grids.

Most operators in the data center industry have started pushing for flexibility in their leasing agreements by looking to cut down the standard lease agreements from 10 years to between 5 — 7 years, this is so as to right-size and server reliance, data center business plan. Data centers usually consume energy that is required that can be used to run a small town. Google Inc for instance had 13 data centers in round the world which used close to million watts of power which amounts for 0.

According to statistics, that amount of power can be used to supply electricity that will powerhomes. The lifespan of data centers is usually around 8 — 10 years on the average as technologies have been used to determine its lifespan. It should also be noted that cloud computing has also started gaining popularity among service providers; this is because more companies are switching from enterprise data systems to cloud services.

The data center industry has also seen data center business plan operators start to use automated network management systems, data center business plan. This automated network management operate physical network configuration, data center business plan, plugs and unplugs physical ports on command prompt from software and also allows physical data center network connections to be managed more quickly and remotely.

Inthe data center industry grew to 6. Utech datacenters is a leading and standard data center that will be located in Houston — Texas in order to serve all our domestic and corporate clients here in the United States of America and international data center business plan as well. We are in the data center business to provide hosting services such as shared, VPS, dedicated, co-locative and cloud services. We also in addition to our core services offer consultancy services in line with training services so as to boost our bottom line.

We are in business not only to make profit but to data center business plan favorably compete with our competitors here in the United States of America as well as globally. Our vision is to offer our clients a reliable, secure and fast data center regardless of whatever applications they choose to run on our data center. We also aim to be amongst the top five preferred data center here in Houston — Texas by the year Our location in Houston — Texas is very strategic as we are not only very easy for clients to get to but we will also have low overheads in running the data center via factors such as power costs, data center business plan, lease costs, sales taxes, property taxes as well as the potential incentives.

We intend to procure the best equipment in order to be able to provide the best services for our clients and run a standard data center here in Houston — Texas. Our goal is also to ensure that we build a business structure that will aid us in achieving our corporate goals and objectives, data center business plan.

Our intention in running a smooth business with as less hitches as possible is to ensure that we hire the right number of employees who not only have an understanding of the industry and are professionals but also are attuned to our corporate goals and vision and are committed to ensuring that these goals and visions are achieved.

We intend to provide a conducive and friendly environment for our employees as well as ensure that they get the required training that is continuous in nature so as not only to enhance their skills and increase productivity for the organization but to also ensure that the skills gotten are the best across similar start-up such as ours in the industry.

We also intend to make sure that our employees are one of the best paid and that they also have one of the best welfare packages in the industry. We intend to carry out continuous appraisals on our employees to ensure that those who are hard-working are promoted in order to motivate them into being more productive. Finally our owners, Blake Chylds and Rob Branson have not only been in the data center business for years but have also served in the management capacity where they have had to make strategic decisions on behalf of the company.

Both men also have several stakes in the IT industry and are going into the data center business due to the demand from their various clients, data center business plan. They will bring their over 30 years experience to bear in this business and ensure that the goals and objectives of the business are achieved. Utech datacenters will offer traditional data services to its customers that are of the highest standard possible from our permanent and strategic location based here in Houston — Texas.

However as part of our efforts to boost our bottom line, we intend to ensure that we create multiple sources of income to our core service by providing consultancy services as well as trainings to our clients. Our intention is to ensure that we make profits as is legally permissible by the laws of the state where we are operating as well as all over the United States of America. Therefore, some of the products and services we intend to offer at Utech datacenters include.

In order to achieve our vision, data center business plan, we intend to ensure that we get the right equipment, choose the right location that is not only strategic but secure and also hire the right employees that understand our vision to help us run the business. Having the right business structure is very essential to the growth of our business and we are therefore not taking this aspect trivially. We intend to ensure that our data center business plan foundation is perfect and as such we would go the extra mile in sourcing for and hiring competent and hardworking employees to handle the various roles and responsibilities in the organization.

We are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve this as we are a standard company with a standing in the industry that will lure data center business plan right employees to come and work for us at Utech data center here in Houston — Texas. The employees we intend to choose to work with us are those that understand the objectives of the business and are willing to work in ensuring that we achieve our intended goals and objectives.

Due to the fact that we intend to offer a wide range of services and offer trainings as well as consultancy services at our data center business, we intend to hire different employees that will be able to handle the different responsibilities from the assigned tasks that would be available at Utech datacenter here in Houston — Texas. Due to the fact that we intend to run a business that is up to standard, we have hired the services of a reputable business consultant here in Houston — Texas who has the necessary experience and also knows the business and industry thoroughly to help us look through our business concept and determine if it was worthwhile going into the kind of business that we were going into.

The business consultant was also to help us determine if we were well suited to run a data center business profitably and also compete favorably with the competitors who were running a similar business to ours here in the data center industry.

In view of that, an analysis was run in order to be able to take stock of what strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats were available to us in the industry we intended going into here in the United States of America. There are several strengths available to us during the course of running the business and they include the fact that there are already existing distribution and sales networks available which makes it easier for us to penetrate the target market and get a share.

Also, the industry has been projected to grow and has a high growth rate which means that we are poised to earn lucratively from this business. Another strength lies in the fact that we have reduced labor costs as some of the tasks are being automated.

Finally, our employees are not only competent but very experienced and professional and are well equipped in ensuring that we achieve our intended goals and objectives.

The weakness we have in this business is due to the fact that we are running a small business unit that might affect our standing in the industry. We however intend to combat this by taking our sustainability and expansion measures seriously. There are several opportunities that are available to us in the course of running this business data center business plan they include; the growing demand from the target market as more and more people are shifting towards cloud based services and other hosting services.

This would lead to another opportunity for income, data center business plan, as income for workers and operators in this field will be on a constant increase. Every business no matter how lucrative faces threats every now either during start-up or whilst running the business and the data center business is no different. As a serious business we however have already laid down strategies that would combat any threat that we might face during the course of running the business.

Some threats that we are likely to face when starting this business include; technological problems that might arise from the equipment. Price changes in procuring most of the equipment or in running the data center that might likely affect our pricing rate for our clients. The arrival of a competitor in the same location might cause our profitability to drop. It has also been found that states such as Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Northern Virginia, Portland and Seattle were more attractive for providers in the data center industry based on factors such as power costs, lease costs, sales taxes, property taxes as well as the potential incentives to be gotten.

Data center providers in the United States of America have between the years and had a total of 1, projects both new and existing; most of these projects had Texas topping the list of states with a total of projects.

Houston in Texas is the hub of for data centers as the demand for these centers is mostly driven by oil and gas companies, energy companies as well as healthcare organizations. Another state that has a large hub for data centers is Virginia and it has been projected to overtake New York metro. This is because Northern Virginia has abundant fiber, cheap and reliable power as well as attractive tax incentive programs for data center providers, data center business plan.

Data centers bring large investments to the community as they also attract service providers. Although the network management for data centers have been automated for a long while back, they were not fully automated as they ran on servers and routers, physical switches, and were lined by physical network cables. Also, data center business plan, the plugging and unplugging of network cables had been physically limiting for the automatic network configuration.

However, with data center business plan all the aforementioned difficulties have been resolved especially the plugging and unplugging of physical ports which can be done as a command from software. The data center industry has a wide range of customers demanding for its services.

However, in order for us to truly know who our target market is here in the United States of America, we have conducted a market research to help us truly determine what we are likely to face in getting our own share of the target market. This will also help us map out the needed strategies that would help our business reach its intended goals. The market research we have conducted is also to help us know what exactly to look out for in our target market and what they will also be expecting from us.

In view of this, we have determined that we are in business to cater to data center business plan following group of existing and potential clients. We have established our business not only to make profit and be amongst the industry leaders but also to ensure that we have all the necessary factors that will allow us not only compete favorably with others but give us an edge as well.

We are located in a strategic location here in Houston — Texas that not only offer our employees easy access but also ensure that our overheads are low thereby affecting the overall pricing rates for our end-user clients, data center business plan, giving us an edge over others.

Even though data centers run a basic service of providing hosting services data center business plan clients, we intend to stand apart from our competitors by ensuring that we offer the best customer care service to our clients. All the inquiries of our clients, follow-ups and complaints will be professionally handled by our very qualified customer service executives. Secondly, we intend to source for and hire the best employees to handle all the necessary responsibilities in the organization.

Our employees will not only be very competent, qualified and professional, they will also understand not only the industry but also our corporate core values and be committed to ensuring that we attain all our intended goals and objectives. Also, we will ensure that our employees are well paid and have the best welfare package across the industry whilst working in an environment that is conducive and safe.

Also, our employees will always undergo regular training that will further enhance their skills while making them more productive for the company. Utech datacenters Houston — Texas just like any other private business has been established with the intention of making money in the data centers market cum the Information Technology industry here in the United States of America through our provision of data services for our numerous clients.

The data center business industry is one that is still growing and this is because the demands for services of this nature are growing. Our strategic location in Houston — Texas has made it very possible for us to be optimistic about generating the required income that would allow us not only make enough profits that will allow us sustain and grow our business within six months of operations.

However, data center business plan, in order to ensure that we come up with a sales projections that is not only accurate but that we can rely on, we conducted a critical analysis of the data center industry cum IT industry in order to analyze what chances we had. The sales projections were done based on information gathered on similar start-ups such as ours here in Houston — Texas as well as all around the United States of America.

Below is the sales projection for Utech datacenters based on several factors. It should be noted that should there be a change in the assumptions, the projected sales figures would likely increase or decrease but not remain the same. Marketing and sales is very important for the growth of a business and so at Utech we take this aspect of our business very seriously as we are also aware that marketing also increases the awareness for a business, asides from allowing a business penetrate the target market and gain a fair share of the market.

We have hired the services of a reputable marketing consultancy firm here in Houston — Texas who have the expertise in this industry and now the terrain here very data center business plan to help us draft strategies that would benefit our business and generate the revenue that we have projected for the organization.

We want to build a marketing structure that will allow us also compete favorably with other leading datacenters here in the United States of America whilst also ensuring that we attract potential customers to our business, data center business plan.


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